ONE SHOT is a self-analysis where bring into question current societies obsession with image and distorted perception of such, what it is that I see, how I want to be perceived and what struggles I have had with others perceptions. With social media being so present in our day to day, we tend to create an illusion and idea of what & who one is through the digital filter of our screens. Through this process, I intended to entice the viewer to be confronted with the reality of me. What is our perception of our own body? What do others see? What do you unconsciously perceive or project?


Unique Edition

Canson 300 gsm watercolour acid-free paper, Canson Vidalon Vellum, 17 -  54x 86mm Polaroids, self adhesive photo corners, metal pin button with leather top.

Kept in Acrylic box , with title engraved & sliding lid.

39.5 x 28.5cm | box dimension 40 x 31.8cm