Visiting Lisbon

Museums, books and gardens: Carolina Pimenta, the city's creative offspring, introduces us to what she loves about Lisbon. Pimenta - raised in Porto as the daughter of an art collector and a writer - invites us to her just moved into the studio at the Praça Luís de Camões in the former offices of a book publisher. Working on her thesis, she prepares for a documentary journey with Anastasia Fugger in Poland, which follows the joint travel project "Gone Mexico." After a longer stay in New York, Lisbon is for Pimenta, besides her homeland, also a welcome, uninhibited cosmos encourages creative energy in its own way and in whose small circle great names are found, such as Philippe Starck, and interest in that cosmos is growing.

The studio Carolina Pimenta is located in the center of Lisbon at the Praça Luís de Camões. On the way to her, gliding along the hilly city streets with the new Porsche 718 Boxster S , we hear music from "Sensible Soccers" and "Moullinex" as well as the recommended playlist of the up-and-coming artist. Your tips for staying in Portugal's capital can be read here:


Convento de São Vicente a Fora: "My sanctuary in Lisbon, I love the convent not only for its beauty and its magnificent white walls, it is a place that conveys an incredible sense of peace, and from the top of the church you can also enjoy a wonderful Enjoy the view of Lisbon, mostly on its own, I love to be there to think and simply feel its existence. "

Museu Coleção Berardo: "A wonderful museum with a well-stocked bookstore, I love the architecture of the place, it's a pleasure to walk around, it's a fantastic source of inspiration, right on the waterfront with the incredible architecture of the Jerónimos Plants to his side. "

Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian: "Also a fantastic museum, the Gulbenkian is in the midst of urban chaos, but once you enter it, it’s gardens take me to another world, steeped in silence and inspired by the museum's exhibits."

Jardim Botânico da Escola Politécnica: "A magical garden with exotic trees and botany just a few steps from my studio, how could I not love them?"

Carpe Diem: "A very special place in Lisbon, home to one of the best bookshops for handpicked art books ever, plus it's always small, fine exhibitions and a great café where I spend a lot of time."


Art by Rui Chafes

Design by Martinho Pitta

Music by Sensible Soccers

Writings by Herberto Helder

Architecture by Camilo Rebelo