Suck & Blow is modern vibrato of passion. An energetic flash between the present and the future, in depth, the basis of everything that is manifesting to Carolina as an artist. Various discourses in her visual language are diluted: the irascible desire; the provocation; the freedom of the naive; the idolization of the feminine; all of it in a contemporaneously space common to all. A place, however, where only she exists as sole observer. Suck & Blow brings about the close intimacy of the kiss and the fragile frontier of the private. The works here presented are raw, awkwardly real, sensual, with the allure of fantasy. In her, person or artist, lies the same honesty in everything she does.

J, 2019



City Lisbon, Portugal

Year 2019

Pages [100] p.

Dimensions 21.0 × 29.7cm

Cover Softcover

Binding Coptic Bound

Process Lazer printed

Color Black & White

Paper Recycled paper, 115grms & Vegetable paper 112grms

Edition Size 100


Price €35 (plus shipping)

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