ONE SHOT  - Exhibition, Gaivotas 6, Lisbon, PT. 


Pink Room | 15.09.18

ONE SHOT must take place in a neutral space. Mobiles aren’t allowed and only one viewer can

enter the room at a time. In the room, there is a Polaroid camera and the artist. The viewer

is invited to take a photograph, place it on the ground, and observe the result. The total time

allowed inside is 3 minutes.

The exhibition presents the result of Carolina Pimenta’s original ONE SHOT performance, which

was held at the same location on Rua das Gaivotas 6 on March 10th 2018, alongside the artist’s

book, which was where the performance originated. Like the previous event, the exhibition

lasts for only a few hours, incorporating the ephemeral nature of the performance and leaving

it open to define its own limit as to what extent it’s possible to perpetuate the confrontation. A

natural extension of Pimenta’s photographic work, which addresses as a central concern of

her artistic practice, namely issues of identity, representation and perception.

Curated by Carolina Triguerios