This week's CONVERSA CXXXVlII is organised by Luísa & Mariana Salvado. There are three luxury guests with fantastic and very stimulating projects! We have Carolina Pimenta who will tell us about her career and work as a photographer, Joana Mayer and Ana Cachola who will introduce us to Diffractions - Graduate Journal for the Study of Culture, an academic publication that intersects with artistic practice, and Manuel Azevedo Coutinho who will talk about Viable Report, a technology startup that bridges investors and business ideas.

Wednesday 16th of September at 7:30 PM com 7:30 pm, Arquivo 237, Rua da Rosa, 237, 1200-385 Lisboa


Carolina Pimenta, is based in Lisbon. After living abroad for over 10 & suffering from extreme dyslexia, she has developed a mixed luso/anglo-saxon language of her own. She mainly works with photography, exploring the theme of journeys and alter ego, in the search of freedom from prejudice & taboos.


DIFFRACTIONS does (not) want to be here. We want to talk about a project of academic publishing and of how it has been changing alongside the adjustments that such notions as "academic", "research" or "production" endured in our shared vocabularies and different praxes.


Manuel Azevedo Coutinho is an entrepreneur with a diverse background. He studied architecture and art, has a master's degree in communication design and another in business administration (MBA). He has created businesses in the past and worked in advertising, he's now the co-founder of a tech startup.


Conversas” are a series of weekly meetings made so that we can get to know and discuss projects, interests or life stories. In these evenings, three orators are present, whom they call “Conversadores” (those who talk at “Conversas”), who present their projects or interests for thirty minutes each. The dialogue flows natural and informally, calling for un compromised and genuine participation. The admission is free and “Conversas” are in english whenever necessary.

We have “médias” for one euro.

P.S. – the conversations won’t be too long or boring.

Conversas are a project initiated by Constança Saraiva and Mafalda Fernandes in Lisbon, in 2012. Nowadays, it's a project of many other people and cities.

Conversas Lisbon are organised by Anexo (Learning programme of Arquivo 237).

Similar to what happened last series, Conversas will be helped by their friends and some of those Wednesdays will be organised by a couple of friends. Those responsible for this week are Luísa Salvador and Mariana Salvador.

Support: Beck’s

Partners of Conversas: Condomínio and Junta de Freguesia da Misericórdia