4 -5 October 2017

Blackout I is an installation part of the group show & event HYPERSEX created to celebrate the first anniversary of the MAAT (The Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology).

The way we behave and express ourselves is shaped by the cultures in which we participate. Our role within our environment or gender is constantly questioned and shifting. Photographing compulsively day-to-day/night-to-night I strive to question and examine the relationships between us now, to maximize the notion of freedom and what it means to be live in contemporary societies.

The installation was conceived as an alternative way of experiencing a work of art. Visitors were invited to behave in ways in which they aren’t normally allowed in a museum: the works could be touched, moved, handled and even ‘stolen’. The installation was part of an exhibition based around the club culture experience, where people were encouraged to interact in a different manner albeit within the traditional confined and restricted ‘white box’. By encouraging acts of rebellion the tone was set for an amusing exercise of observing to what lengths the viewer would push the boundaries to act within the alternative ‘rules’.


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