“What is the most beautiful in virile men is something feminine; what is most beautiful in feminine women is something masculine.” - Susan Sontag

Bathroom Sessions is an ongoing project since 2006. It aims to document one of the most intimate moments of women, if not the most private. Bathroom Sessions are a purposeful invasion of privacy, recording situations where women usually do not like to be seen. As the project grew, it began to become voluntary or, in some cases, required by its own. For me, as a woman photographer, it has become increasingly interesting how the project has evolved. From being me to invading the private space of a bathroom until I started to receive invitations from women to go and photograph them. At a time when society is evolving so ephemeral, we are still experiencing great uncertainty. What is the role of women in contemporary Western society? On the one hand, we have already reached an important level of equality between women and men in our society, but on the other hand, we are still far from having the same opportunities. From the simple analogy between the number of female artists compared to male artists to the obstacles a woman finds in her quest to become an artist. Looking at another perspective, the woman’s body and the way she chooses to wear it and display it is still highly criticised, judged, and commented on today. This has led to the birth of several liberating movements such as ‘Free the Nipples’. With Bathroom Sessions, part of what has become more attractive to me as a photographer, was the fact that most of the women represented here are quite conservative and probably do not even allow their boyfriends / husbands to be present in the bathroom while they make their pee. Although this room carries so many taboos that must be kept secret and silent, these women invite me to document this intimate process, knowing that the final image will be printed and published in the media. There is an interesting psychological effect, of positions that are juxtaposed: conservative vs. liberation. Once this project has gained a cool image and seeing the other women who are exposed there, they feel comfortable and with a strange desire to be a part of it, it becomes a permissible and judgment-free act. My challenge is to make the part of this movement that is being created, managing to capture these private moments of daily routine in a subtle, non-ordinary and humorous way.