Emerging Artistic Formation Festival

arts, dance, music, theater 13 September to 15 September 2018

multiple locations

Exquisito is an emerging artistic creation festival taking place in Telheiras. With more than 50 artists cover the theme “After Absolute Certainties” in a program that features 30 visual, musical and performatic arts initiatives.

After the absolute certainties what will we have left? And after what happened we thought it was impossible to happen? Absolute certainties matter little or nothing to whom the only certainty is creation. Art causes dissonance precisely because it escapes common sense, because it expands our processes of apprehending reality. The basis of the spirit of artistic creation lies in interrogation and complexity.

Starting with acknowledging that the word Exquisito which means weird in English, is often associated with strangeness, this festival recognises that the strange can also mean rarity and preciousness. On the one hand, Exquisito amis to be seen as refined, precious and unique, and on the other as unusual, impertinent and provocative. Pedro Saavedra, the Festival's artistic director, reveals that they are seeking to “create a Portuguese-based festival that will allow the artists full freedom of expression, and seeks to blur the artistic boundaries and assume that it is so weird, difficult to define, but that we have the courage to say it right from the start ”. The first edition of this Festival has as its theme “After Absolute Certainties”, trying to reflect on what follows when everything that we thought was impossible to happen happens. However, for those whose only certainty is creation, no absolute certainty matters. Exquisito thus launches the manifesto that says “to possess as the only certainty the wisdom of uncertainty, as Milan Kundera says, is to keep the door of transcendence open. Art creates dissonance precisely because it escapes common sense, because it expands our processes of grasping reality. ” The festival agenda was developed by Pedro Saavedra and three guest curators. Carolina Trigueiros has an imprint on visual arts programming, Daniel Neves on music and Rosana Ribeiro envisioned the performing arts agenda.

The program is now available on the Exquisito website or here. It includes daily Exquisito conversations dedicated to each of the programmed areas. There will also be staged readings in the auditorium Subpalco where you can count on names such as Auééé, Catarina Rôlo Salgueiro, Isabel Costa, Leonor Buescu, Mia Tome, Nídia Roque, The Crazy Children, Joana Gama and Luís Fernandes. In the field of music, Die Von Brau will present excerpts from his next album, Sturqen + MMMOOONNNOOO propose to build a makeshift sound moment between random electronic composition processes and Clothilde uses the use of home-made machinery where the notions of rhythm and drums are blurred. There will also be a moment dedicated to dance in which Luísa Amorim and Rosana Ribeiro will come together to merge the dance arts, performance and literature as they present a version of Fernando Pessoa's Tobacco Shop. Permanently during the days of the festival will be an installation of Tomaz Hipólito, a group of artists who will occupy various spaces of the Exquisito and original works of 10 untold instagramers.

The program is divided into 14 venues that include the Orlando Ribeiro Municipal Library, the old Quinta de São Vicente winery, an under-stage auditorium, a school and public open spaces, and will be taking place on the 13th of Septermber through to the 15th of Septmeber.


Talk with Antonio Bolota, Carolina Trigueiros, Francisco Pinheiro, Thomaz Hipolito, Clara Imbert & Carolina Pimenta.